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Homeopathic consultation

What to expect from a consultation?

A homeopathic consultation has a form of a conversation during which you will have time to talk about your problems while I will be listening carefully and asking questions. Because every disease has its own development and context, much of the talk will be focused on your life, daily habits, your relationships, feelings, traits of character, childhood and on everything you feel to be important in relation to your problems. Often even something that seems trivial to you helps to understand the whole picture and then to select the appropriate remedy. Openness and trust is the basis for good treatment!

The first consultation usually takes 90 - 120 minutes. Afterwards, I will analyze your case and pick a suitable treatment for you. In a few days I will send you an e-mail to let you know my proposal  and to explain how to use the remedy.
For the treatment to be successful, it is very important to make controls and monitor the progress - what reaction occurred after administration of the homeopathic remedy. The first control should be made usually after six to eight weeks after the start of the treatment. Further procedure is individual.